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Easy Installation and Compatibility with Major Turbine Models

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Sensoria Hardware Illustration - Sensoria System

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Sensoria™ can be installed in turbines from all major manufacturers. Our installation teams look for one common denominator when installing the system in any turbine: minimizing alterations of existing structures.

Sensoria™ is an easy-to-install monitoring tool that’s applicable for all wind turbines and enables blade integrity visibility for wind farm personnel. This innovative solution is designed to enhance your ability to check in on the status of your blades at any time, delivering valuable monitoring oversight.

Sensoria Installation


The main system is placed in the hub of the wind turbine, while one AE sensor is installed inside each of the individual blade bulkheads. To ensure that the most accurate information is relayed back to on-site personnel teams, both the system and sensors interact with one another to detect damages and other potential issues.

Bolting Options

Sensoria must be securely bolted to the turbine to ensure proper operation. The system can be secured with three bolting options, including:

Types of Power Options

Power can be provided either through a permanent or temporary connection. Information regarding the type of power that’s available in the turbine and location should be determined before installation, or during the initial walk-down.

Crew and Asset Safety are Priorities

While Sensoria is an easy-to-install monitoring solution, both the system and sensor installation require the utmost attention when it comes to safety. Before installing Sensoria, there are a series of checks and balances that must be confirmed before kick-off, including:

Sensoria™ Installation Safety Oversight

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Sensoria™ is an equipment and service solution for wind blade integrity management.

Developed, manufactured, installed, and monitored by MISTRAS Group (NYSE: MG) – a leading “one source” multinational provider of integrated technology-enabled asset protection solutions – the Sensoria™ brand incorporates MISTRAS’ asset protection expertise and legacy of industry leadership to help wind energy organizations gain Edge-to-Edge Intelligence throughout their operations.