Company-Wide Blade Management

Blade Management Process

Enhance Blade Management in the Field and the Office

Ideal for wind site managers, fleet engineers, operations, procurement, and logistics teams, Sensoria™ simplifies the blade management process. This optimization helps personnel to make more informed integrity and inventory planning decisions.

Not just an enhancement for technicians or site management, Sensoria™ is a transformative blade management solution that has positive impacts company-wide.

Unlike traditional blade integrity management methods, Sensoria™ assists a range of personnel with organization wide-benefits including:

Site Management & Technicians

Detect & Locate Damages in Real-Time

Sensoria’s site-wide views help wind site managers and technicians stay on top of entire wind farms digitally.

Collecting inspection data only once a year or less makes it difficult for site management and operations teams to drive proactive maintenance. This infrequent inspection system forces them to instead rely on costlier and less effective reactive maintenance techniques. With 25% of component failures causing 95% of downtime, it’s crucial that site managers have access to blade condition data that is:

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Fleet Engineers

Access & Track Fleet-Wide Integrity Data

Fleet Engineers have a responsibility to maximize the performance of and mitigate damages to turbines under ther command. The granular nature of defect identification offered by Sensoria™ helps to narrow down damages effectively.

Fleet engineers seeking to enhance turbine fleet performance need access to a variety of blade condition and reliability analytics. With access to all historical blade condition data through the Sensoria™ Insights portal, fleet engineers can prioritize the damages that are early indicators of fleet-wide concerns, helping them improve turbines in the aspects of:

Fleet Engineers have a large number of turbines they are responsible for, and staying on track of fleets is now exceedingly manageable.

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Procurement & Logistics

Optimize Inventory and Logistics

Sensoria™ is designed to support a variety of organizational processes and initiatives, even helping those not directly involved with blade integrity management, such as optimizing spare parts inventory management and supporting clean energy and digitalization initiatives.

To help procurement and shipping personnel in charge of inventory and transportation of spare parts, Sensoria™ allows budgets to be allotted more deliberately for the spare parts you need, rather than overbudgeting, shipping, and housing unnecessary parts.

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Sensoria™ is an equipment and service solution for wind blade integrity management.

Developed, manufactured, installed, and monitored by MISTRAS Group (NYSE: MG) – a leading “one source” multinational provider of integrated technology-enabled asset protection solutions – the Sensoria™ brand incorporates MISTRAS’ asset protection expertise and legacy of industry leadership to help wind energy organizations gain Edge-to-Edge Intelligence throughout their operations.