Sensoria™ is an innovative 24/7/365 blade condition monitor, empowering Edge-to-Edge Intelligence.

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Keep Your Blades Spinning With Blade Condition Monitoring

Sensoria™ makes it easier than ever to maximize the uptime, performance, and safety of your wind turbine blades.

The industry norm of conducting annual blade inspections leaves site operators in the dark about actual blade integrity, by allowing damages to form and worsen in between scheduled inspections. These damages affect onshore and offshore blades (especially larger blades), raising operating & maintenance costs while reducing generating capacity.

Sensoria Offshore Wind Farm

Sensoria™ is an innovative wind blade monitor that detects damages in real-time and rapidly alerts operators to blade defects. Developed by MISTRAS Group, the system’s sensors are installed within turbine blades to continuously collect and send blade integrity data to the Sensoria™ Insights portal for immediate access. This web-based portal enables operators to easily receive alerts, helping them prioritize inspection activities to maximize energy generating capacity and uptime.

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Sensoria™: Your Single Point of Blade Integrity

Sensoria™ takes the guesswork out of blade integrity with a remote, 24/7/365 blade monitoring system, the Sensoria™ Insights data portal, and Sensoria™ Dispatch for supplementary inspection and maintenance services.

Sensoria™ System

24/7/365 Blade Condition Monitor

Sensoria™ Insights

Web-Based Blade Integrity Data Portal

Sensoria™ Dispatch

On-Demand Support Services


Unplanned maintenance activities can account for up to 60% of wind turbine O&M costs.

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Maximize your blade performance and enhance generating capacity with effective blade management.

Simplify Onshore and Offshore Blade Integrity Management


Sensoria™ helps you make informed decisions, maximize turbine uptime and performance, and generate value throughout your organization. Whether you’re managing a small number of wind turbines, an expansive wind farm, offshore wind assets, or an entire turbine fleet, the foundation of integrity management is having access to timely and accurate integrity data. Sensoria™ simplifies and streamlines the collection, delivery, and storage of blade integrity data, helping you to enhance blade condition and optimize your maintenance and resource planning.

Minimize Risk and Unplanned Outages

Detect and repair damages before they worsen with 24/7/365 blade condition monitoring

Asset 655

Maximize Blade Performance

Minimize production losses with proactive blade maintenance

Make Informed Maintenance Decisions

Track the presence and evolution of damages so you can intervene at the optimal time

Increase Peace of Mind

Breathe easy knowing your blades are operating safely between scheduled inspections

Focus On Higher-Value Tasks

Extend intervals between scheduled inspections, and reduce coordination with 3rd-party contractors

Drive Value Throughout Your Organization

Find efficiencies in purchasing, supply chain, inventory, and other organizational initiatives

Cutting-Edge Monitoring Technology and Intuitive Data Reports

Sensoria™ technology is comprised of advanced acoustic emission (AE) monitoring technology, backed by decades of AE industry leadership and proven capabilities. AE monitoring is conducted through sensors that ”listen” to damage presence throughout a blade as soon as it occurs. Once detected and verified, onshore and offshore operators are alerted with immediate access to current and historical integrity data.

System Features


Real-Time Damage Notifications

Identify Damaged Blades

Intuitive Blade Condition Reports

Damage Trend Tracking

Blade, Site, and Fleet Data Views

Mobile Data Accessibility

Dive into the details of how AE technology detects blade damages faster than traditional methods.

Technology Chat

Experience Sensoria™

Chat with our Sensoria™ subject matter experts and discover the power behind this innovative technology.

Solutions from Edge-to-Edge of the Wind Energy Value Chain

Did you know that logistics costs have been found to make up nearly 20% of the levelized cost of energy (LCoE) for offshore wind energy plants? With Sensoria™, wind energy companies can enhance and streamline their processes throughout the blade value chain. With applications for site managers, technicians, fleet engineers, and procurement and logistics teams, Sensoria™ helps you gain intelligent insights from edge-to-edge of your operations.


Detect & Locate Damages in Real-Time

Site managers get instant notifications at the onset of damages to make more informed maintenance decisions

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Access and Track Integrity Data

Fleet engineers can maintain visibility of fleetwide blade integrity to identify potential problems before they worsen

Optimize Inventory and Logistics

Procurement and logistics personnel realize time and cost efficiencies with more informed inventory planning

Learn more about how Sensoria™ helps, and how personnel throughout onshore and offshore wind organizations can benefit.

Support You Can Count On

Sensoria™ users have the peace of mind that they’ll be provided expert-level support, starting with initial installation and extending to technical support and operations & maintenance services.

Experienced technicians and subject matter experts can install the system and train on-site teams for daily use in under two weeks.

Our team of technology and data experts are able to provide support for any issues that arise throughout monitoring operations.

When your on-site team requires additional inspection and maintenance support, utilize certified technicians for multiple wind farm components.


Dive into our resources on how Sensoria™ can help you maximize blade uptime and performance.


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Sensoria™ is an equipment and service solution for wind blade integrity management.

Developed, manufactured, installed, and monitored by MISTRAS Group (NYSE: MG) – a leading “one source” multinational provider of integrated technology-enabled asset protection solutions – the Sensoria™ brand incorporates MISTRAS’ asset protection expertise and legacy of industry leadership to help wind energy organizations gain Edge-to-Edge Intelligence throughout their operations.